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When it is a school that needs a Web site, we often take a slightly different design approach. All we ask is that the school send us its school’s colors and mascot, and we’ll do the rest.

High School sites often highlight their students’ competitive enthusiasm and spirit of pride in their achievements with appropriate photos (school provided or we will find great age-level appropriate stock photos). Elementary Web sites are often bright, fun, and lively, reflecting the wonder and joy of children excited to learn.

School Website Features

An attractive School Website Design is just a part of the package, our market research and extensive experience in the field of Website Technology & Management help us to develop a School Website with interactive and dynamic features. These features do not only facilitate your visitors to use the web friendly but also provide them a lot of features they can ever expect.

  • Add content easily with our advanced WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  • No need of FTP to edit and upload content and images.
  • You can create content virtually from any computer that is connect to Net.
  • You can add your own images to any content / any page.
  • You can create links that virtually connects to any web site , web page, FTP link or mail link.
  • Fully Searchable website with a search text bar.
  • Your site users can print any page or email to recommend them easily.
  • Search engine optimized urls and friendly urls too.(no more “index.php?itemid=2″,
  • Allow your registered users access special items that your public users cannot access.
  • Give special rights to your members so they can edit or add own content to the site.
  • Unlimited number of pages and content. Limited only by web space.
  • Track visitors statistics.
  • School Staff can have their own profile
  • Update frontpage easily
  • Weekly backups of all information

Special Features for School Websites :

Online Calendars

  • For those who need to have schedules or events online, our online calendars are the easiest and cleanest way to display what is happening with your organization.

User Registration and Login

  • Allow your Parents to register at your school website site to gain access to special pages and features (ie. school activities, forums, file downloads etc) that you can choose not to be made available to the public.

HTML and Text Newsletters

  • Create your own newsletters in HTML or Text format and add graphics to your newsletter easily!


Scrolling Newsflashes

  • Let your school site visitors know about important happenings by displaying your news items in a scrolling text box that can appear on any page you choose.

Web Based Email

  • You can check your email from anywhere in the world with available of Net.

Photo Albums

  • Easily create multiple photo albums on your site, giving your visitors the ability to view as a slideshow, full screen, and even download your photos. All done simply and beautifully.


  • You can turn any photo space into a slideshow. You can customize its duration, transition, and more.

Embedded Videos

  • You can easily embed videos from other sites and place them on a page or in an organized media player. (Or you can upload your own video files and we’ll convert automatically for the web!)

Form Creator

  • Our custom form tool is powerful and remarkably easy to use. You can easily create forms for your visitors to fill out. Everything from a contact page to event registration is quick and easy to set up.

Interactive school map

  • The Google interactive map, which is probably the best known online map, is a great tool for pinpointing your school’s location. We’ll show you how to add it, or do it for you for free.

Social Media Integration

  • Easily add links to any social networks your organization is a part of. Clover has a special tool that adds links and icons for you.

Stat Counter

  • Using StatCounter to monitor actual human activity in real-time.

Why is Website necessary for Schools?

  • Website, in other word is described as “Humanoid” compiles the information of any product, place, medium, subjects etc in the form of web pages.
  • Since our entire Globe is depending on “Intensified search”, no time is left out for direct conversation. A necessary search is detailed by its “website”.
  • In the human race, finding the best schools for educating our children is a “Herculean Task”
  • However, a special key, “Website” helps to know about the A to Z of any schools.
  • Although our schools (Private) follow regular methods for admissions, as promotion every year, adding up WEBSITE for their schools will automatically prominent their existence.
  • Website clearly describes a school’s Inception, History, Mission and Facilities which are the notable preliminary aspects.
  • The Management can brief about School’s admission procedures and the entrances taken if any.
  • No. of available classes and Pupils strength would be shown in the Academic section.
  • Available Languages, Foreign Languages, Co-curricular activities, Entertainment Medium and Learning Resource centres could be show cased.
  • It helps to exhibit the profile of Management, Administration, Teaching staffs, Counselors and their Professional Development
  • School Timings, Dress codes, Recess rules can be clearly stated
  • Picnic shots and albums can be loaded to share their enjoying moments among their students fraternity and the parents.
  • Alumni, Social activities updations would help the students to understand the importance of socio- behavioral attitude.
  • Messages from the Management, Regular announcements, and Competitive activities can help the students to know more about their school.
  • Not but not least, Employment Opportunity Column would help more unemployed qualified teachers to approach the school. This approach would benefit both the ends.
  • Thus, website for a school plays a vital role and helps to show the multifaceted advantages.


Cost Rs. 4000/- Rs. 6000/- Rs. 8000/- Rs. 10000/-
Home Page
No. of Inner Pages 5 10 15 25
Photo Gallery 5 Photos 10 Photos 20 Photos 20 Photos
Contact Us Form
W3C Validation Extra Extra
Pre Launch Testing Extra
Domain Reg 1 Year Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
Server Unix Unix Unix Unix
Hosting Space Allowed 50 MB 100 MB 200 MB 400 MB
HTML Sitemap
XML Sitemap
Meta Tag Analysis Extra Extra
Google Analytics Integration Extra Extra
Submission in Search Engines Extra Extra
Duration 1 weeks 1 – 2 weeks 1 – 3 weeks 4 weeks



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